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Are you struggling to align your sales, marketing, and customer success teams for better operational efficiency and customer churn? Implementing Revenue Operations (RevOps) might be the solution you need. But what exactly is RevOps and how can it be applied in real-world scenarios?

In today's competitive business landscape, companies are constantly looking for ways to streamline their sales operations and maximize revenue generation. RevOps has emerged as a strategic approach that combines sales, marketing, and customer success functions into one cohesive unit, to drive growth and increase customer satisfaction.

RevOps is not just a buzzword; it is a proven methodology that has been successfully implemented by many organizations across various industries.

In this article, we will explore real-world examples of RevOps in practice, highlighting the benefits and best practices that can be applied to your business.



Revenue operations (RevOps) is a method to make revenue operations team structure better align organizations based on strategy, process, workflow, data, analysis, and technology


What is RevOps?

Revenue Operations, or RevOps, is the strategic alignment of sales, marketing, and customer service departments to create a streamlined, efficient, and customer-centric workflow for recurring revenue.

This alignment is not merely functional—it also includes unifying the technology stack, harmonizing data, and aligning the key performance indicators (KPIs) across departments. The vital role of data analytics in RevOps cannot be overstated. It empowers organizations to make informed decisions and continuously optimize operations.


Why RevOps is Crucial for Marketing Managers

As a marketing manager, you'll find RevOps valuable for several reasons:

  1. Seamless Customer Experience: RevOps ensures that all customer interactions across different departments are consistent and personalized.

  2. Streamlined Processes: It promotes efficient processes by eliminating bottlenecks, redundancies, and communication gaps among departments.

  3. Data-Driven Decision-Making: Centralized data systems under RevOps provide accurate insights, helping you to optimize your marketing campaigns for better ROI.


12 RevOps Examples in action


1. GoSite's Comprehensive RevOps Strategy



GoSite, a provider of all-in-one software and service solutions for small businesses, was keen on utilizing HubSpot to the maximum in their quest for operational efficiency and effectiveness. The objective was to not just streamline the marketing, sales, and service divisions, but also to make the entire operational cycle more revenue-centric.




In-depth Background

In their pursuit, GoSite was not working alone; they were actively supported by Remotish. With multiple departments—marketing, sales, service, operations, tech stack data, and web—all participating, GoSite had numerous moving parts that required precise alignment for a well-oiled RevOps machine.


Gosite team



Remotish played an integral role in guiding various teams at GoSite:

  • Marketing and Lead Generation Teams: Remotish empowered these teams to update content, configure forms, and publish landing pages autonomously, reducing the dependency on external resources.

  • Sales Teams: Processes, pipelines, and deal stages were clearly defined and documented by Remotish, ensuring that sales could operate scalably and efficiently. Comprehensive reporting metrics were also put in place for accurate forecasting.

  • Data and Operations Teams: Remotish worked closely to make sure that all teams were properly supported and that their activities were measurable, trackable, and automated. This enabled a focus on revenue-generating activities.

In addition to these, GoSite had the ambition of launching an app store. While skeptical about HubSpot CMS's ability to handle the complexity, Remotish provided a proof of concept using HubDB and CMS Hub that exceeded GoSite’s expectations.





The outcomes were palpable:

  • Marketing could function more autonomously, increasing the pace of lead generation.

  • Sales saw better-defined processes, which led to a more structured and efficient workflow.

  • Operations and data teams could devote more energy to revenue-generating tasks rather than mere maintenance.

Moreover, GoSite was so pleased with the app store solution that they decided to keep the production app store on HubSpot. According to Jordan Sternberg, Senior Manager, Partnerships & Ecosystem at GoSite, the solution enabled rapid onboarding of new App Store partners, meeting their scalability requirements.

This in-depth example illustrates the power of RevOps when applied in a multifaceted organization like GoSite. By collaborating with Remotish, they were not just able to make individual departments more efficient but succeeded in aligning them towards common customer lifetime revenue goals. This story serves as a valuable lesson for marketing managers and professionals considering a RevOps approach for holistic business growth.


2. National Fatherhood Initiative's RevOps-Driven Transformation


The National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI), a non-profit organization aimed at increasing father involvement in families, faced challenges in managing subscriptions and reporting results. They were wrestling with outdated technology that led to inefficient workflows and increased chances of costly human errors.




In-depth Background

Using Google Sheets to track hundreds of subscriptions and manually managing renewals and cancellations had NFI's team running in circles. Their issues were compounded by the bulk subscriptions purchased by state agencies, all of which had to be tracked in separate Google Sheet tabs.



The Problem

The reliance on manual processes not only hindered efficiency but also opened the organization up to significant risks, such as human errors, especially when money was involved. NFI struggled with:

  • Cumbersome manual tracking of subscription start and end dates

  • Inability to distinguish between new and renewed subscriptions

  • Lack of automation for tracking cancellations

  • Heavy reliance on manual input to manage bulk subscriptions from state agencies



Aptitude 8 entered the scene with automation and data orchestration solutions. They began by:

  • Integrating various event platforms like Eventbrite and Thinkific with HubSpot using middleware like Zapier.

  • Undertaking a massive clean-up of the product library in HubSpot.

  • Implementing robust reporting mechanisms to track revenue and deal numbers by platform.





As a direct outcome of these efforts, NFI now enjoys:

  • Better tracking across its membership lists and product portfolios.

  • A comprehensive, one-stop view of all their sales reports in HubSpot, streamlining their administrative tasks when creating monthly and quarterly reports.

  • A fully functional, reliable subscription tracking system on par with those employed by major companies.

  • A holistic view of active, inactive, lost, and upcoming subscriptions, thus eradicating the manual errors that plagued them before.




By working with Aptitude 8, NFI shifted from a manual, error-prone environment to an automated, efficient one, with a 360-degree view of their subscription data. This case serves as an excellent illustration of how RevOps can transform even the most complex, manual systems into streamlined, automated processes that drive both efficiency and effectiveness.


3. Mindgram's Explosive Growth Through HubSpot's RevOps Solutions


Mindgram, a rising startup in the mental health and well-being space, sought to optimize its operations to trigger exponential business growth. Before integrating HubSpot's suite of tools, Mindgram faced challenges in efficiently scaling its marketing, its sales reps, and service processes.




In-depth Background

Mindgram is an all-encompassing mental health platform, providing resources for everything from self-improvement and preventative measures to in-depth psychological assistance. Despite a promising start, the company needed to align its sales and customer success-facing operations to reach its full potential.


Objectives and Challenges

The company's primary goal was to maximize business growth. They needed an effective way to:

  • Quadruple website traffic

  • Increase revenue

  • Elevate customer satisfaction

  • Improve internal operations


Action: HubSpot to the Rescue

Mindgram implemented HubSpot's Marketing, Sales, and Service Hub in early 2021 and observed impressive results.




Increased Website Traffic

Through HubSpot’s Marketing Hub, Mindgram crafted unique digital marketing campaigns, leveraging the user-friendly drag-and-drop CMS editor for efficient campaign creation. The platform's marketing automation also optimized Mindgram’s lead nurturing through targeted workflows.


Elevated Revenue

The Sales Hub empowered Mindgram’s sales process. Its "single source of truth" nature helped align the entire customer journey and success team with the sales team, providing valuable insights that led to maximized sales opportunities. Automated tasks, like email follow-ups and reminders, increased the team's productivity.


Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

HubSpot’s Service Hub integrated seamlessly into the Mindgram platform, helping streamline customer support processes. The unified interface for managing customer communication channels, including email and chat, helped the customer care team respond quickly and more efficiently.


Strengthened Internal Operations

Operations Hub played a vital role in enhancing organizational processes, including data cleanup and formatting. Mindgram also employed the ‘Custom Code’ workflow feature to automate specific pricing calculations.


Results and Impact

  • Quadrupled Website Traffic: Within just a year, the company saw a 4X increase in its website traffic.
  • Increased Revenue: The sales team continuously exceeded their quarterly targets.
  • Elevated Customer Satisfaction: A unified dashboard led to quick, efficient responses and improved customer satisfaction.
  • Strengthened Internal Operations: Automation replaced manual tasks, thereby freeing up staff time for more strategic activities.

Today, Mindgram stands as one of Europe's most recognizable mental care platforms, largely due to the efficiencies gained through HubSpot's RevOps solutions.



Mindgram’s experience illustrates how implementing a unified RevOps platform can align marketing, sales, and service teams to deliver exponential growth. If you're a marketing manager or professional looking to drive similar outcomes, Mindgram's story serves as a compelling case study on the transformative power of RevOps.


4. How Lively Amplified Efficiency and Growth with Operatus's RevOps Service

The Situation

Lively, a direct-to-consumer hearing aid business, found itself at a tipping point in 2019. The company was experiencing rapid growth but needed to ensure that its processes and different teams could scale effectively to keep up with demand.




Company Background

Lively’s unique business model involves providing hearing aids that are custom-programmed, shipped, and serviced by their team. The care is delivered remotely by Audiologists, and customers can purchase directly online or through a sales representative.


The Challenges

The fast growth posed multiple challenges:

  1. Lively used Salesforce as the central platform for Sales, CX, Audiology, and Fulfillment teams. However, they lacked a dedicated Revenue Operations or Salesforce Admin/Developer.

  2. Managers juggled system maintenance and their primary responsibilities, affecting overall efficiency.


The Solution: Operatus’s RevOps as a Service

Lively partnered with Operatus to access their "Rev Ops as a Service" plan. This gave them the resources and expertise they needed to refine and scale their operations quickly.

Here are some key initiatives that Operatus implemented:


Streamlined Order Processing

The workflow for processing orders was enhanced to accommodate an 8x YoY increase in order volume.


Custom UI for Audiology Visits

Operatus developed a custom UI within Salesforce for Audiologists to efficiently manage and run their remote patient appointments.


Integrated SMS Communication

Operatus integrated SMS into Salesforce, creating a new communication channel for the Sales and CX teams.


Product Line Expansion Support

Operatus also helped Lively during the rollout of a new product line by creating systems that could accommodate this expansion.


System Training Library

Training documentation was created to ensure that all teams could effectively utilize the newly implemented systems and processes.


Key Results

  1. An 8x growth in weekly orders YoY.

  2. Efficient communication channels, thanks to SMS integration.

  3. Time-saving and efficient patient management through custom UI.

  4. Effective roll-out of a new product line.

  5. A library of system training documentation for ongoing reference.



Lively's experience is a shining example of how a well-implemented RevOps strategy can amplify growth and efficiency in a rapidly scaling business. If you're facing similar growth-related challenges in your business, this case study serves as an excellent blueprint for driving change through RevOps.



5. Syrve's Global Transformation: From Regional Success to Global Scalability through RevOps and Rebranding

Company Background

Syrve, previously known as iiko, is a comprehensive POS and Restaurant Management Software solution specializing in serving bars, restaurants, takeaways, and other hospitality businesses. The platform offers a one-stop solution, covering everything from front-of-house to back-of-house operations, all the way to above-store management and eCommerce.


Syrve - Takeover blog post - Blog Header - 0522 (1200 × 600 px)


The Challenge

Despite being well-established in Russia and its neighboring CIS regions, Syrve faced brand maturity challenges in the MENA, Italian, and UK markets. Compounded by geopolitical tensions surrounding Russia and Ukraine in early 2022, the organization realized the need for a quick pivot to sustain and scale its international presence.


The Need for a Mid-Implementation Pivot included:
  • Rebranding from iiko to Syrve

  • New messaging strategy

  • Online presence and brand collateral revamp

  • Partner program redesign


The Approach: Strategy Precedes Everything

The RevOps implementation began with a thorough audit of each region's operations, assets, and systems. A series of workshops led to the creation of Ideal Client Profiles and Personas for each region. Further sessions were focused on redefining the company's mission, vision, and culture.

Key strategic decisions included:

  • Revamping the basic partner program into a globalized version

  • Adopting a new value proposition, 'Success Built In'

  • A CMS Growth-Driven Design website built on HubSpot CMS

  • Upgraded HubSpot Enterprise CRM Suite for sales and marketing alignment 


Technology Upgrades

Syrve employed a region-focused HubSpot CRM, customized for individual teams, supported by custom integration into the Xero app marketplace. A total of 32 lead-generation funnels were created, all linking back to the newly designed website.




The Results

Despite the challenges posed by relocating from Russia and rebranding, Syrve successfully laid the foundation for RevOps within the first 18 months. The transformation accomplished:

  • Internationally scalable brand

  • Centralized HubSpot CRM platform

  • A coherent international RevOps framework

  • Enhanced automation for buyer and client journeys


Key Outcomes

Syrve has evolved from a regionally disparate model to an internationally scalable brand with a centralized CRM system and an effective RevOps framework. The clear value proposition and automated, customer lifecycle journey processes are a testament to the successful execution of a strategy that will help Syrve continue to scale globally.


6. Bloomfire's Scalability Unleashed: How Operatus's Rev Ops as a Service Fueled Business Growth

Company Overview

Bloomfire is a leading knowledge management platform to boost collective intelligence within organizations. By offering a centralized, searchable database, Bloomfire enables teams to efficiently find and leverage critical information, irrespective of their work location or timing.




Challenges Faced

Bloomfire was in a growth phase, with a sales team expansion on the horizon. The company faced several challenges:

  1. The Sales leader was juggling multiple sales tools and technology, which detracted from core responsibilities and proved technically challenging.

  2. Budget constraints prevented the hiring of a dedicated Sales Ops Manager or Salesforce Admin, although the growing sales team necessitated enhanced operational efficiency.


The Operatus Solution

To address these challenges, Bloomfire turned to Operatus’s Rev Ops as a Service, which offered:

  • A dedicated team of seasoned Rev Ops professionals
  • Expertise in diverse areas like systems administration, reporting, and funnel tracking
  • A unified approach to process management across various customer journey stages and team handoffs





Operatus’s engagement resulted in a series of significant improvements:

  1. Created an Outbound Sales Motion: Strategically segmented accounts and optimized SalesLoft cadences.

  2. Enhanced Inter-Departmental Handoffs: Streamlined the process between Marketing, SDRs (Sales Development Representatives), and AEs (Account Executives) within Salesforce.

  3. Database Cleanup: Leveraged Cloudingo for data deduplication.

  4. Salesforce Migration: Transitioned seamlessly from Salesforce Classic to Lightning.

  5. Technical Management: Successfully managed an outsourced SDR firm and integrated chat and ABM tools.

  6. Lead Routing and Automation: Revamped lead routing rules within Salesforce, Hubspot, and Chilipiper.

  7. Sales Process Optimization: Fine-tuned sales processes and opportunity stages within Salesforce.

After over a year of successful collaboration, Bloomfire transitioned Rev Ops responsibilities in-house by hiring a revenue operations manager, a Sales Ops Manager, and a Salesforce Admin, with Operatus ensuring a smooth handoff.




Key Takeaways

Operatus’s Rev Ops as a Service not only resolved Bloomfire’s immediate challenges with revenue operations metrics but set the stage for scalable, long-term growth. By introducing efficient processes, optimizing technology, and enhancing team collaboration, Operatus delivered a robust operational backbone for Bloomfire's future expansion.


7. Bridging the Technical Gap: How Operatus Enhanced LinkSquares' Rev Ops Capabilities


Company Overview

LinkSquares offers an AI-powered contract management platform specifically designed for agile legal teams. The platform stands out for its unique AI insights, flexible automation, and centralized architecture, enabling better visibility and collaboration.





LinkSquares was in a critical transition phase:

  1. There was a need to update the Salesforce-based foundation to align better with the company's new direction and policies.

  2. A new Rev Ops leader was onboarded, but there were no supporting team members.

  3. An existing backlog of urgent projects awaited prompt execution.


The Solution

Initially, LinkSquares engaged Operatus on a project basis to tackle the backlog. Due to the effectiveness of this approach, they transitioned to Operatus's Rev Ops as a Service model, which provided:

  • Day-to-day support on Salesforce and integrated tools like Hubspot, ZoomInfo, LeanData, and Netsuite.

  • Strategic planning, along with technical recommendations.

  • Recruitment and onboarding assistance for LinkSquares' new Salesforce Administrator.




Results Achieved

Operatus made substantial impacts on various fronts:

  1. Lead Routing Overhaul: Transitioned to LeanData and implemented Lead-to-Account matching for optimized lead routing.

  2. Efficiency Rules: Introduced Rules of Engagement to streamline sales processes.

  3. Process Documentation: Detailed existing Process Builders to facilitate an eventual transition to Flow.

  4. Upsell Automation: Integrated upsell products automatically into renewals.

  5. Key Metrics: Rolled up crucial metrics to the Account Object, providing insights like total product sold by opportunity type.

  6. New Tool Integration: Provided seamless integration of new tools.

  7. Data Augmentation: Utilized ZoomInfo for data enrichment.




Operatus continues to provide ongoing support, aiding LinkSquares' in-house Rev Ops and marketing teams with additional projects.


Key Takeaways

The collaboration with Operatus allowed LinkSquares to fill a critical technical gap in their Rev Ops and team structure. By doing so, they not only efficiently tackled their backlog but also put in place robust systems and processes to support scalable growth. This has positioned LinkSquares exceptionally well for its next stage of evolution.


8. Unlocking Scalable Growth: How Remotish Empowered Reejig’s Transition from PMF to GTM



Reejig is an AI-driven Workforce Intelligence platform tailored for employers. Fresh off its Series A funding, the company was transitioning from the Product-Market Fit (PMF) stage to the Go-To-Market (GTM) stage. While they had been using HubSpot for around a year, it was largely a blank canvas for their Sales, Customer Success, and RevOps teams.


632a9116099f1439ede16d6f_HP Preview Image 1200 x 628


The Challenge

Reejig faced multiple challenges:

  1. Limited integration of HubSpot across various departments.
  2. Critical data, especially revenue attribution, was siloed in external spreadsheets.
  3. Lack of granular measurement systems for activities like partnerships and events.
  4. No centralized repository for their wealth of educational content.


The Solution

Remotish partnered with Reejig to address these challenges comprehensively:

  1. Unified Data Source: Made HubSpot the central repository for all revenue-related data, replacing isolated spreadsheets.

  2. Custom Metrics: Designed bespoke ways to measure ongoing efforts in partnerships, events, and other activities, providing insights across all teams.

  3. Strategy and Systems: Laid down scalable frameworks for the Marketing, Sales, and Services departments, setting them up for continued growth.

  4. Dynamic Resource Center: Developed a responsive microsite that intuitively surfaces relevant educational content based on visitor browsing behavior.


644b078553ef61eecc1f66ac_Reejig Launches AI-driven Work Ontology



  • HubSpot became the source of truth for all things revenue, aligning multiple departments and eliminating data siloes.
  • Enabled precise measurement of various activities, fostering data-driven decision-making.

  • Established solid groundwork for scaling Marketing, Sales, and Services teams.

  • Elevated user experience by offering a dynamic resource center that surfaces exactly what a visitor is seeking, thereby increasing engagement.




Key Takeaways

Remotish played a pivotal role in transforming how Reejig leverages HubSpot, changing it from an underutilized platform to a comprehensive, data-rich environment. This not only streamlined operations but also prepared Reejig for its next phase of rapid growth and scaling, all while enhancing user engagement through a dynamic resource center.


9. Navigating a Transformation: How Remotish Orchestrated Pipl’s Journey from Marketing to RevOps Excellence



Pipl is a frontrunner in online identity search and verification services. The company approached Remotish initially with a marketing need but ultimately extended the relationship to encompass a full-scale RevOps transformation.




The Initial Challenge

Pipl's Marketing team wanted to assume greater control over their web properties. They aimed to migrate from WebFlow to HubSpot CMS, requiring guidance on HubSpot's best practices.


The Solution

Phase 1: CMS Transition

Remotish assisted Pipl in migrating their web properties from WebFlow to HubSpot CMS, consulting on best practices, and optimizing the site for performance and user experience.




Phase 2: Unifying the Stack

Pipl expanded its relationship with HubSpot to include not only Marketing and CMS Hubs but also Sales Hub. Remotish provided comprehensive guidance, from strategy to implementation, supporting web initiatives and customer retention, and helping Pipl's teams unlock HubSpot’s full potential.


How HubSpot Can Boost Your Sales with an AI-Powered CRM (1)


Phase 3: Salesforce Integration

Although Pipl initially explored a custom HubSpot-Salesforce integration with another partner, they decided to rely on Remotish for the native integration. Remotish took on a data operations and advisory role, strategizing, testing, and ultimately launching the integration.


HubSpot + Salesforce


The Impact

  1. Unified Operations: Marketing and Sales initiatives are now consolidated under the HubSpot umbrella, streamlining operations.
  2. Data Operations: The native HubSpot-Salesforce integration managed by Remotish has allowed for seamless data flows between systems.
  3. Enhanced Reporting: Expanded reporting capabilities in HubSpot, coupled with the Salesforce integration, have led to better lead quality and more insightful data analysis.




Key Takeaways

What started as a simple migration from WebFlow to HubSpot CMS blossomed into a comprehensive RevOps transformation.

Remotish not only helped Pipl achieve operational unity across their Marketing and Sales departments but also facilitated a seamless integration with Salesforce, setting the stage for robust reporting and data-driven decision-making. The partnership with Remotish has equipped Pipl with the tools and strategies necessary to excel in their RevOps endeavors.


Conclusion: The Transformative Power of RevOps Partnerships

As showcased in these diverse case studies, partnering with an experienced RevOps service provider can be a game-changing move for businesses at different stages of growth and operational complexity. Whether it's in customer acquisition cost improving lead routing, migrating platforms, or automating processes, the proper guidance can streamline operations, drive efficiency, and provide critical insights that inform better decision-making.

Companies like Bloomfire, LinkSquares, Reejig, and Pipl all experienced transformative shifts in their operations. From saving time on manual tasks to scaling sales and marketing activities, these organizations demonstrate the multi-faceted value that a well-executed RevOps strategy can offer.

Importantly, they also highlight how expert guidance can make the difference between a patchwork approach and a comprehensive, aligned strategy.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and customer expectations, agility is crucial. A competent RevOps partner not only helps in laying down the immediate tactical implementations but also in building a long-term, sustainable strategy for growth.


Ready to Transform Your Operations?

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