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Build a beautiful website that gets results.

Your Website: Your #1 Salesperson

Your website is more than just a digital presence – it's your most valuable sales asset. It works tirelessly 24/7, captivating your audience, driving leads, and boosting your revenue.

Unlock the power of a website that converts. Let's craft a digital sales superstar that never takes a break.

Build a lead generation machine

Build a lead generation machine

Your website is the first impression you make on a potential customer, so it needs to be designed with that in mind. Your sales-ready website is purposeful, it understands user goals, speaks in their voice, and works flawlessly on any device. It should be a lead generation machine.

The right design will encourage visitors to take action by converting them into leads or customers. It should work to your advantage and attract a substantial amount of leads. If it's not, it's time to redesign.

We help you to scale a sales-ready website to maximize engagement and sales. Our experts are trained and specialized in areas like brand experience, UX, and search engine optimization (SEO) to help your organization accomplish broader business goals through your website.

Optimize for Buyer's and Business

Search Engine Optimized

We optimize websites for search engines, ensuring content speaks directly to the right audience in relevant searches.

Buyer Journey Optimized

Content aligns with the buyer's journey, facilitating informed decision-making in extended sales cycles.

Website Goals

Conversion Rate Optimized

Content inspires action, guiding readers toward desired outcomes, turning visitors into potential prospects.

User Experience Optimized

Prioritizing user experience ensures clear, engaging, and accessible content for enhanced digital experiences.

Our Website Redesign Process

Whether you need a completely redesigned website, a series of website upgrades, or some strategic tweaks, our experienced strategy, design, optimization, and development team takes a data-driven approach to your website. This means a faster time to market and you’ll see results quicker.

Every website project involves these steps:


Customer Journeys

Understanding your audience helps you put their needs first. It aligns your website investment with your business goals, sales goals, marketing initiatives, and website user experience.

User Experience

We begin by identifying the key pages and UX/UI elements aligning with the buyer's purchasing journey. This approach helps minimize any obstacles or roadblocks that could prevent users from completing their journey successfully.


Your web copy must be aligned with visitors' emotions throughout their buying journey, using voice and tone as tools to help buyers move further down the funnel.



Visual Design

Creating a new visual design for your website isn’t just about using new fancy fonts, “cool” images, and the latest color trends. It’ll be about ensuring that your site is designed for human beings with real emotions.


Development Platforms 

Your CMS is the foundation your website is built on. It gives you the ability to customize your site and makes sure it works well in the future. Our team works hard to create sites that give you the power to update them yourself.


HubSpot CMS

The HubSpot CMS works seamlessly with all of HubSpot's products, allowing you to easily design a site that is truly a workhorse for you.



We'd choose WordPress if we were forced to pick one platform to create every website we've ever built. It’s that good.



Shopify is one of the best options for creating a fully functional eCommerce platform. It has everything you need to start selling online today.


Prior to the grand reveal, we meticulously quality-check every facet of your website. This includes thorough testing across various browsers, devices, and screen dimensions to ensure a flawless user experience. Only when we're certain of perfection, do we proudly introduce your site to the digital world.


Continuous Improvement

Continuously improving your website functionality so that it better matches your users' preferences and expectations improves your marketing and sales KPIs. Adapting and adjusting your website based on your user's ever-evolving behaviors is essential for user experiences, and something we take seriously.

If you want us to continuously monitor and optimize your website after launch we use growth-driven design.

Continous Improvement

Growth-Driven Design (The Agile Approach)

Growth-driven design (GDD) is a methodology where we focus on understanding what drives your business forward. This includes understanding how people are engaging with your product or service, as well as what motivates their actions.

GDD is a more agile approach to building websites. Instead of redesigning your website every 2-3 years we relaunch with a minimum viable product and scale and optimize your website in monthly sprints.

Our process includes continuous improvement. We keep track of what’s working and what’s not so we can make changes that will improve your conversion rate.

We’ll help you improve website performance through ongoing:

  • Evaluating personas, UI/UX, and journey mapping
  • Creating a Wishlist with customer challenges in mind
  • Building a launchpad to initiate a test run
  • Making adjustments based on user insights

Data-Driven Optimization for Peak Performance

Once your website is live and actively gathering user data through tools like HubSpot, Google Search Console, and Hotjar, we embark on the journey of pinpointing high-impact actions that fuel engagement, conversions, and ultimately, growth. This unfolds through a series of iterative growth-driven design cycles.

GDD Graph_Traditional vs Growth Web Deisgn + Inbound Marketing and Sales

Growth-Driven Design VS. Traditional Website Design 



For teams that need additional security, control and support.


  • Fast time to value
  • Investment spread out over time
  • Launch on-time and within budget
  • Data-driven decisions

Traditional Design

For teams that need additional security, control and support.


  • Huge time investment
  • Large up-front cost
  • Often runs late and over-budget
  • Built on opinions
  • Set it and forget it

The Growth-Driven Design Cycle

In each GDD cycle, we deepen our understanding of your website's visitors. This knowledge fuels enhancements in website performance and augments the quantity and quality of leads visiting your site.

1. Plan

We start with a Wishlist of desired website elements, prioritizing those that promise maximum results with minimal effort.

3. Learn

We collect user data and analyze how the site is performing against your goals. We use this data to review the existing wish list and inform the goals for the next cycle.

2. Build

We design and build the items agreed upon in Step 1 while considering elements for experiments, such as A/B testing.

4. Transfer

Insights are shared with your Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service teams. This promotes harmonization across teams, ensuring a superior user experience throughout the entire customer journey.

Partnership is Key 

In the dynamic world of inbound marketing, success hinges on collaboration and expertise. Building a robust Lead Generation Machine requires a diverse team of skilled professionals operating in sync – and that's where we come in.

At Fine Media, we're not just a service provider; we're your dedicated certified HubSpot partners and work as a true extension of your team.


Strategic & Systematic

We develop comprehensive strategies and roadmaps that infuse your business with enduring revenue-generating potential. 


Masters of MarTech

Our team of marketing technology experts ensures your sales and marketing arsenal is finely tuned for peak performance. 

Sales and Leads

More Leads & Sales

Our process is full-funnel, meaning better performance across the customer journey (that means more new customers, renewals & upsells).

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