Case Study How We Amplified Brimco's from Zero to 2.29 Million Impressions


Client Profile

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Client: Brimco
Industry: Business Research
Services Provided: Inbound Marketing, including SEO, content creation, lead nurturing, and more.



When Brimco, a business research company, partnered with Fine Media, the company was seeking a strategic transformation of its digital footprint. This partnership was anchored on a shared vision of success, defined by measurable objectives.



Brimco, a leading business research company, has been at the forefront of delivering comprehensive insights and analytics to businesses across various industries. Despite their expertise in dissecting market trends and crafting detailed reports, Brimco faced a challenge common to many in the field: translating their wealth of knowledge into digital visibility and audience engagement.



The Problem

Brimco, a leading player in the business research sector, was grappling with challenges like low organic web traffic, subdued engagement with their online research reports, and difficulty in capturing high-quality leads. Despite producing insightful research content, their findings were often overshadowed in search results.

As the digital landscape became increasingly competitive, Brimco's online presence struggled to mirror the company's real-world reputation. Their valuable content and research failed to reach the intended audiences, and as a result, the potential for lead generation and customer acquisition was not fully realized. The core issues Brimco faced were multifaceted:

  • Low Web Traffic: Despite offering top-tier research, Brimco's online content was not attracting sufficient traffic, signaling a disconnect between their services and potential clients searching online.
  • Poor Lead Generation: The conversion rate from website visitors to leads was less than ideal, pointing to a gap in effectively capturing and nurturing leads.
  • Suboptimal Content Engagement: Analytics showed that visitors were not engaging deeply with the content, leading to high bounce rates and short session durations.
  • Ineffective SEO Performance: Brimco’s website suffered from poor search engine rankings, which made it difficult for potential clients to discover their services organically.



  1. Elevate organic traffic by 50% over a year.
  2. Aim for Brimco's research content to feature on the first page of search results.
  3. Boost user engagement with research reports and articles.
  4. Amplify lead quality, drawing in businesses and professionals genuinely interested in in-depth research.



Our Solution

A comprehensive inbound marketing approach was employed:

  1. Design detailed buyer personas to precisely target businesses and professionals needing research. 
  2. Generate high-quality, data-driven content that addresses industry-specific challenges and trends.
  3. Adopt robust SEO practices to enhance Brimco's online visibility.
  4. Implement lead nurturing workflows, guiding potential clients towards meaningful interactions with Brimco's content.



  1. Undertook rigorous keyword research to pinpoint terms that resonate with the business research community.
  2. Regularly published research summaries, articles, and reports, highlighting industry insights.
  3. Leveraged social media to disseminate research findings and drive organic traffic.
  4. Rolled out segmented email marketing campaigns to promote new research findings and updates.



The collaboration between Brimco and Fine Media Digital Marketing culminated in a series of notable triumphs that exceeded our initial objectives. Here are the key outcomes, reflecting the robust impact of our comprehensive inbound marketing strategy:


Increased Organic Traffic:

  • Within the span of the campaign, Brimco experienced a surge in organic traffic. The meticulous SEO efforts led to a 42.5K increase in total clicks from organic search results, marking a significant boost in website visitors seeking business research insights.


Enhanced Search Engine Visibility:

  • Brimco’s total impressions on search engines skyrocketed to 2.29 million, indicating an expanded digital footprint and increased brand visibility among the target audience.


Improved Click-Through Rate (CTR):

  • The average CTR rose to 1.9%, demonstrating that the content resonated well with the audience, prompting a higher percentage of viewers to click through to Brimco's website.


Boosted Search Engine Positions:

  • Our focused content and SEO strategy improved Brimco's average position in search engine results, securing an average rank of 20.1. This placed Brimco's content on the second page of search results, a competitive spot for a business research company vying for attention in a crowded market.


Conversion and Lead Quality:

  • The increased traffic and improved CTR translated into higher quality leads, with a conversion rate that surpassed industry benchmarks. The optimized content and user journey created a funnel that not only attracted visitors but also converted them at a higher rate.


Engagement and User Experience:

  • Users stayed longer on Brimco’s pages, interacting with the content more than ever before. This increased engagement is a testament to the relevance and quality of the content provided.


Keyword Ranking Improvements:

  • A substantial number of targeted keywords achieved top 50 rankings, with several climbing to the top 10, due to our tailored content strategy and on-page optimizations.


Sustained SEO Growth:

  • Notably, the upward trend in traffic and rankings was not a short-lived spike but a sustained growth pattern, illustrating the lasting benefits of a well-executed inbound marketing plan.

These results signify not just numerical successes but real-world business impacts. Brimco has solidified its authority in the business research field, attracting a wider audience and converting viewers into valued clients.




Our collaboration with Brimco has not only amplified its online footprint but has also transformed its digital portal into a bustling hub for business research enthusiasts. Our tailored inbound marketing tactics have undeniably carved a niche for Brimco, propelling both their research visibility and user engagement.


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