5 Reasons to use HubSpot Sales Sequences

Oct 4, 2022 2:56:37 PM | HubSpot 5 Reasons Your Sales Team Should Be Using HubSpot Sales Sequences


You might think that nurturing leads is mainly down to marketing people in a company. Automation tools are extremely useful for marketing teams, but they can be equally beneficial to sales teams. This is the thinking behind HubSpot Sales Sequences, which is a wonderful feature in the HubSpot Sales Hub. It allows your salespeople to focus on creating new business instead of doing mundane things manually every day.

These tools can help salespeople become more efficient by enabling them to better manage their time and focus on the most important tasks. This blog article will show you why you need to use HubSpot's Sales Sequencing tool and how it can help your sales team become more effective.


Sales Sequences

Sales sequences are one of the most powerful features in the HubSpot Sales hub. They're essentially automated lead nurturing processes that help sales teams nurture prospects into paying customers. 


What are Sales Sequences?

A lot of people think that Sequences are just another automation tool. They aren't. A Sequenced campaign is a combination of automated emails, scheduled calendar events, and manual follow-up activities. These activities are designed to help you build relationships with your leads while nurturing them throughout the sales funnel.

You can see how much potential a lead holds by looking at the number of sequences they've been enrolled into. If a lead hasn't engaged with your content yet, it might be because they're still evaluating whether they want to work with you. By sending targeted messages, you'll give them something to consider.

In addition to automating your sales processes, Sequences provide a great way to keep track of what stage of the sales cycle a lead is in. This information helps you understand where opportunities lie and how to best allocate resources across different stages of the sales funnel.

Sequences can also be used to send personalized messages to your existing customers. For example, if someone signs up for your newsletter, you could automatically enroll them into a sequence that sends them educational content about your industry.

Finally, Sequences can be used to generate reports. You can view both individual activity data and overall progress over time. This makes it easy to identify trends and patterns within your pipeline.


Why are Sequences useful?

With the Sequences feature, your team can easily create automated sequences for each customer journey stage.

While Sequences may seem similar to the HubSpot workflow tools, they're quite different from them. A sequence is different from a workflow because a salesperson uses a sequence when they manually enroll one of their contacts into a highly personalized and specific flow.

HubSpot Sales Sequencing allows you to effectively nurture your leads with an automated sequence of emails. You can schedule when every email message is sent out, and use tasks and notifications to stay up-to-date when prospects engage with your content.

A sales team can enroll one contact at a time, or several contacts simultaneously using the sequence queue feature. You're still able to customize emails for each individual, even if multiple people are added.


Why should a Sales team be using HubSpot Sequences?

With HubSpot's Sequences, following up and effectively cultivating leads has never been easier. To help you better understand the benefits of using HubSpot Sequences, we’ve listed them here:


1. Automate your follow-up, and put time back in your schedule.

Make sure that prospects don't slip through the cracks, but don't take too much time away from your day. You can send a sequence of timed emails to your prospects so you don't ever lose touch. You can choose from a list of email message templates, and enroll contacts right from your inbox.

Tailor each message, choose exactly when it gets sent, and move on. It doesn't get much easier!


Start from Scratch


2. Getting someone to respond is made easy.

If you're planning to contact someone multiple days in the coming weeks, it can be tedious to create new email messages each day. Rather, it may be easier to use an email template instead of creating a new message each day. You don't need to worry about repeating yourself, or you might accidentally schedule a meeting when you've already scheduled one.

Sequences can make the process easy.

Once you've set up the process for one prospect, don't have to worry about tracking which steps you're doing next for any other prospects in your process. If someone responds, the conversation ends immediately. It's that easy.


HubSpot Sequence Example


3. Nurture prospects over a long period

Sales processes can last for weeks or even longer, so you may need to reach out to these prospects at different stages of the sales cycle.

You understand which content will be valuable for each prospective client based on their persona, so you're able to create content that encourages them to buy from you. With Sequences, templates allow you to personalize messages for prospects based on their information, like their name, company, or industry they operate in, and send them relevant messages over time.

The lead nurturing process is critical. You don't want people to think that you're spamming them, so much so that they stop wanting to buy from you. With HubSpot, we're able to build relationships and create connections with our clients by building their confidence and rapport and then using sequences to reach out to them at the right times.

It allows you to effectively nurture your prospects, but not spend too much time doing it. You're then able to find more prospects for further nurturing, and so on.


Sequence Options


4. Personalization is not lost!

You've heard how sequences can help you write emails faster, create an easy nurturing process, and elicit responses from people, but what about losing the personal touch? There is nothing to worry about!

With the Sequences feature, you can save your automatically generated emails from becoming impersonal by adding personalized messages at each step. Using personalization tokens, such as contact names or company names, to customize the email messages in your sequence makes communication feel more personalized.


SalesAutomation2 Personlisation


5. Use data to identify the best-performing sequences

Once your sequences are up and running, You can track which sequences are working best by email tracking.

Open, click, and reply metrics provide insight into how people interact with your emails. By analyzing open, click-through, and conversion rates, you can understand which parts of your campaign work best and which don't.

You can even compare different types of emails to determine whether certain subject lines perform better than others. For example, you might find that text messages convert much better than emails, or vice versa.

By understanding how people respond to your emails, you can make changes to your marketing strategy to ensure it generates the highest possible response rate.

You have the power to identify your most effective sequence, share it with your team, improve efficiency, and generate leads for your business.

HubSpot Sequences is just one of the many amazing tools available within HubSpot's Sales Professional Software. Learning how to use and fully leverage the HubSpot sales toolset will help you maximize its potential.



Sequence Performance Details


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